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a joyful shout, sg-1 style

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a holiday fic exchange
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A Stargate SG-1 fic exchange. Posting for 2008 is done, and the masterlist of fic can be found here. We welcome slash, femslash, het, and gen!

You can find the FAQ here! Feel free to ask further questions in the comments or by emailing us.

Important Dates 2008:
Signups - 10/4 - 10/19
Assignments sent out on 10/26
Stories due - 12/12
Stories posted - 12/26 or 12/27

Master list of fic for 2007


You can reach the mods at: sg1jubileemods @ gmail . com
Mods are: idiasm ~ chase_acow ~ dirty_diana ~ chris4short

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