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fic for zinelady: (Let's Give Them) Something to Talk About

Title: (Let’s Give Them) Something to Talk About
Author on LJ: prehistoric_sea
Recipient: zinelady
Pairing: Daniel/Rodney (and others)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Length: 2500 words
Author’s note: Thank you so much to paian for her sharp-eyed beta. All remaining mistakes are my own.
Summary: When Daniel returns to Atlantis, he and Rodney find something bond over while comparing stories about the stupidity of DADT. When John finds out, his reaction takes Rodney by surprise.

"And you know, I'm not saying a one-off can't be a perfectly good use of time, but still—it's the perfect excuse not to call."

Daniel nodded seriously. "Airtight." He kicked back another shot.

"It was bad enough when I was back on Earth, and I just worked for them. Here, everyone pretty much works for me."

"Mm-hhhmm," Daniel added articulately. He poured himself another and passed the bottle back. "What did you say you call this?"

"Shatayen, which is Athosian for—"

"Horse urine." Daniel rubbed his eyes.

"Yeah. The name is kind of . . .disgusting,” Rodney said.

"I was going to say 'apt'."

"Not to mention,” Rodney went on, “that what they have in Adonis-type musculature, they more than make up for with all the internalized homophobia."

"Mmm. Yeah.” Daniel nodded seriously. “You never know if the guy who just sucked you off a couple of days ago is going to call you a 'dirty faggot' the next.”

"And somehow since we're the civilians, it's always our fault. Like no matter who . . . shoved whom up against the wall of the supply closet, you're the one who . . . tempted them or something." Rodney punctuated his point with another shot. “We've saved their collective asses—how many times?" —Rodney's words were beginning to slur--"and this is the thanks we get."

Daniel nodded.

"Just think--without you, there wouldn't even be a Stargate program!"

"Someone . . . someone else would've figured it out." Daniel waved his hand graciously. Alcohol always made him generous.

"No. No, they wouldn't have. For all you've done, the Air Force should've given you your own harem of airmen for chrissake—"

Rodney was too busy talking to see Daniel's eyebrows rise.

"But here you are, stuck with me for the evening. And 'harem boy' isn't really my best look."

"What is your best look?"

"Um . . ." Rodney trailed off when Daniel moved into his space. Rodney seemed to lose his train of thought, but he leaned forward, which seemed encouraging. They kissed, a bit awkwardly at first, then better, then much better. Daniel thought Rodney seemed really into it, at least if the moans and groping were any indication. Daniel was thankful Rodney liked kissing. Kissing was nice. Although he was a little disappointed when Rodney stopped what Daniel thought should have been only halfway through to undress; Daniel always preferred a slow reveal, especially with someone new.

But it did give him a chance to take in Rodney's body all at once. Rodney was broad-shouldered, surprisingly solid, and seemed fit in a way a person got from real work, rather than hours spent at the gym. Daniel always liked that. But it was difficult not to focus all his attention on the fact that Rodney was already fully hard; his cock red against his pale skin, curving up against his stomach. He wasn't overly long, but he was thick and uncut.

When Daniel undressed, they climbed under the covers to escape the cold, lying on their sides facing one another. Rodney's big hands felt good on Daniel's bare skin; by the time they made their way over his arms and chest, then down over his hip, Daniel was completely hard. When Daniel reached between them, taking both their erections in hand, Rodney jumped.

"Waitwaitwait—I'm not doing wrong by O'Neill here, am I? Not that I think I'm really a good enough person not to sleep with you if you said yes, and wanted to anyway—"

Daniel was a little stunned—Leave it to Rodney not to freak out until we're already in bed, naked—but he'd had more than a little practice expecting the unexpected.

"No, Rodney." Daniel kissed his neck in a way he hoped was reassuring. Or at least distracting. "Not an issue. Unless you have a problem with me telling him about it later while I jerk him off." He looked up just in time to see Rodney's eyes widen.

"Oh. Oh."

Daniel kissed his way across Rodney's shoulders. He'd decided they were his favorite part of Rodney's anatomy. "Problem?"

"Uh. No. Just-—that's kind of a lot of pressure."

"For someone who saves the day on a regular basis?"

"Well, I suppose . . ." Rodney's body was beginning to listen to reason, if not the rest of him. Daniel managed to coax him back into the kissing and groping thing, which was much, much better naked, and Rodney seemed amenable when Daniel guided him down to suck on his nipples. He was rubbing himself against Rodney's thigh, and really starting to get somewhere with it too, when Rodney pulled back abruptly.


Daniel bit back a curse word and sighed. He realized that if he wasn't painfully aroused, he would get up, get dressed, and leave, the way any reasonable person would do in the situation. But his dick was still convinced this could be worked out. "What is it, Rodney?"

"So um . . what doesn't he do?"

Daniel's eyebrows shot up. "Uh¬—getting a little personal there?"

"Well—I just want there to be some value-added here."

Daniel smirked. "Plenty of value-added, don't worry." Daniel shifted himself on top. He bent down for a kiss before he went back to rubbing himself against Rodney's thigh.

"Novelty and all that?"

Daniel laughed. "Uh, you could put it that way."

"So?" Rodney reached down and took Daniel cock’s in his hand, stroking it lightly. "How can I bring you off? Hard?"

Hearing him put it that way made Daniel's cock jump. Rodney looked flushed, aroused and sincere, and suddenly the talking part seemed a whole lot less annoying.

"It's been a long time since I've had a blowjob." He met Rodney's eyes, trying to gauge his reaction, and ran a thumb over the corner of Rodney's mouth. Rodney's thin, down-turned mouth had caught his attention from the first time they met.

"I'd love to do that for you." When he made a move to get out from under and slide down the bed, Daniel stopped him.

"I'd rather do it like this. If that's okay." Daniel could hear the arousal in his voice. If Rodney wanted to stop things now . . . well, better not to even think that way. Rodney nodded and situated himself a bit, angling his head up with a pillow, letting Daniel straddle him.

Daniel gave himself a few encouraging strokes—not that he needed much encouragement at that point—then guided the head of his cock past Rodney's lips. Rodney opened for him eagerly, running his tongue over the head, giving him some gentle suction and pulling him in further. He teased the delicate foreskin with his tongue as Daniel watched, rapt, enjoying the visual as much as anything else. Rodney moaned and let his eyes fall closed. He squeezed Daniel's ass, inviting him to thrust if he wanted to.

"Jesus, Rodney. That feels so good."

Rodney made a muffled, happy sound and smiled as best he could. Daniel backed up, sliding his cock out Rodney's mouth.

Daniel fed him his balls next. Rodney took them eagerly, sucking one into his mouth and then the other, running his tongue along the seam.

"How do you feel about penetration?” Rodney stopped long enough to ask, looking up at him questioningly.

"Good. Good, " Daniel said. It came out as more of sigh than a word.

Rodney went back to his treatment of Daniel's balls, slipping one finger and then another into his mouth beside them. He reached back to run his fingers lightly over Daniel's perineum and then up towards his opening.

Daniel sighed as Rodney gently massaged him, and then pulled back to slide his cock back in Rodney's mouth. He gasped as Rodney pressed a finger into him and urged him deeper into his throat.

"Jesus, Rodney you're so good at this."

When Rodney found his prostate he bucked into his mouth, too close to orgasm to be considerate. When Rodney moaned around him, and rubbed his finger over the right spot inside him over and over again, Daniel shuddered and came in the hot suction of Rodney's mouth.

Rodney swallowed around him a few times, easing him down gently until Daniel's softening cock slipped from his mouth.

They were both breathing heavily when Daniel lay back down.

"That was . . . yeah." Daniel looked over at Rodney's drowsy eyes. Rodney was smiling back at him.

Daniel leaned over for a kiss, his palm on the back of Rodney's head. He could taste himself on Rodney's lips. He reached between them, stroking Rodney's erection slowly. It had softened a bit from lack of attention, but soon Rodney's eyes fell closed and he was making quiet, appreciative sounds.

"Would this be better with—?"

Rodney opened his eyes. "Huh? Oh, yeah. There's—stuff in the nightstand." Daniel reached over and dug in the drawer 'til he held up a white, unmarked tube questioningly.

"Yeah. Best the U.S. government has to offer.” Daniel smirked and squeezed a bit onto his hands, settling himself cross-legged beside Rodney. He warmed the gel between his palms and went back to stroking Rodney in slow, even strokes. He reached down to massage Rodney's balls gently, smiling when Rodney said, "Mmm . . . Daniel . . . that's so much better."

Daniel kept his movements teasing for awhile, enjoying Rodney's reactions, how he felt in his hands. As Rodney's movements got more tense he found a more regular rhythm, trying to follow Rodney's cues.

"Daniel, please . . . just--a little bit faster—"

Daniel obliged him, enjoying the broken, needy sound of Rodney's voice. He tightened his grip and Rodney bucked into his fist, moaning and coming in long spurts over his stomach. Daniel watched Rodney's breathing start to slow and his eyes start to blink open. He liked the way Rodney looked a little stunned.

"I'm going to go get . . ." Rodney motioned toward the bathroom and Daniel nodded.

Rodney came back with a couple of warm washcloths, offering one to Daniel.

They lay in silence for a few moments before Rodney said, "So if that's you know okay? For . . . you know . . . with O’Neill?”

"I never, ever should have told you that."

"No! It's kind of hot. Like—being a porn star or something."

Daniel laughed.


“Hold it—”

John jogged into the transporter just as it was closing.

Rodney rolled his eyes. “I don’t know how many times I have to explain to you it doesn’t work that way; it’s not an elevator. Besides, it’s not like the door isn’t going to hold itself open for you anyway.”

“Sorry. It just seems more—polite or something.”

The door whooshed closed behind them.

“So,” John said. “You an’ Jackson, huh?”


“It’s alright, McKay.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“C’mon, you don’t have to be that way with me. Leaving your place at o-dark-thirty this morning, having breakfast together just the two of you—”

“Oh, that is so typical. I hate this place sometimes! You know, there was no one in the corridor when he left. No one. It’s not like I put him out at 2:00 AM with his hair messed up and his shoes in his hands—”

“So it’s true, then.” The words came out a little sharp.

“It’s not really any of your business.”

“Relax,” he said guardedly, “I’m just trying to be happy for you.”

“Oh, please, I’m sure from your ‘new alien priestess every week’ perspective, the rest of us mere mortals are pathetically unsexed—“

“I don’t think that, Rodney; that’s not what I meant. It’s just I didn’t think you were the . . . you know, ‘spend the night; breakfast together’ type. So I’m happy for you. You deserve someone—”

“Look, it’s not like that. It not a . . .” Rodney waved his hand. “Whatever. A thing.”

John nodded, not meeting Rodney’s eyes. “Why not,” he said, studiously neutral. “Jackson seems like a good guy.”

“I don’t need to explain myself to you, but he’s in a relationship. And what, you thought we’d long-distance-date across galaxies? Like we’d send each other little love notes by data burst--”

“Okay, I get it. You’re not the relationship type. That’s pretty much what I already thought, which is why I was surprised in the first place—”

“Not the relationship type? What sense does that make? I almost married Katie—”

“I meant, you’re not the relationship type when it comes to . . .”

“What? Comes to what?”

“Never mind. Like you said, none of my business.”

“Men?” Rodney said quietly. “Is that what you were going to say?”

John sucked in a long breath but didn’t answer.

“That is what you were going to say.” Rodney was silent a moment and John didn’t seem in a hurry to say anything else about it. “I’m . . . I’m surprised you thought . . . I was like that. Although I can see in retrospect why you would. It’s just—circumstantial. I’ve had relationships with men. I’m . . . open to a relationship with a man. But between half of the city working for me, and the other half so entrenched in their institutionalized homophobia—wait, why aren’t we where we’re going yet? We’ve been in here like ten minutes!”

“I stopped the transporter between entry points. And I don’t think it’s been ten minutes.”

“You can do that?” Rodney shook his head. “Of course you can. Why aren’t we going to our meeting, exactly?”

“We always start late, anyway.” John was silent for an uncomfortable moment. He had his hands on the back of his hips in his patented ‘I’m trying to be casual even though I’m actually kind of on the defensive’ stance. “And I wanted to hear what you had to say.”

“Well, does that about cover it? Walk of shame, love notes by data burst, your government is idiotic? And what’s all this to you, anyway?”

John looked at him a long moment, like he was genuinely considering. “I don’t know yet. But I’m glad—about the ‘open to relationships’ thing.”

The door opened and John stepped out before Rodney could say anything.

“But enough about that now,” John smirked and took him by the shoulder. “We better get going; if we come in too late, people will talk.”
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