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master list 2008, with author names

Fic masterlist, alphabetically by title, is below the cut. All original fic posts will be edited shortly to include the author names as well as any additional notes which might have been originally withheld at the time of posting. Authors, if you want us to add anything to the posts here, just let us know by email or comment!

Gone Fishing for randomfreshink: written by ladytalon1 (PG, Jack/Daniel)

Holidays Suck for sidlj: written by lilyleia78 (R, Jack/Daniel)

It's All Fun and Games Until... for skieswideopen: written by randomfreshink (Gen, Sam and Vala friendship)

Joy! 'Tis Christmas Morning for bluflamingo: written by skieswideopen (PG, John Sheppard/Cam)

Last Train for the Coast for prehistoric_sea: written by dirty_diana (NC-17, Cam/Daniel, Continuum AU)

Operation Mistletoe for lilyleia78: written by zinelady (Gen, Sam on Atlantis)

Resistance is Futile for ladytalon1: written by sidlj (PG, Jonas Quinn/Carson Beckett)

(Let's Give Them) Something to Talk About for zinelady: written by prehistoric_sea (NC-17, Daniel/Rodney McKay)

The Year That Was for evesharmony: written by bluflamingo (PG-13, John Sheppard/Cam, Continuum AU) (second part here)

'Tis Better to Give for dirty_diana: written by evesharmony (PG-13, Cam/Sam/Daniel)

Thanks for a good year!
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